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CAPERS Bookstore stocks and recommends the DVDs and booklets from Gail Tully, whose Spinning Babies website has helped many mothers prepare for childbirth.

Spinning Babies helps mothers and midwives/doulas/birth support people understand the positioning of the baby in utero and provides practical guidance on aligning the uterus and pelvis, releasing ligaments and muscles which may impede progress, and encouraging the pelvis to open to its maximum capacity. There are exercises and techniques for pregnancy as well as for labour.

The Spinning Babies products currently available from CAPERS are:

Daily Essentials: Activities for Pregnancy Comfort and Easier Birth DVD

Daily Essentials DVD features Gail Tully (Spinning Babies) and Sarah Longacre (prenatal yoga instructor and birth doula) explaining and demonstrating Spinning Babies techniques and exercises. There is a 35 minute demonstration of the key exercises, segments on moving and resting appropriately, demonstration of the forward-leaning inversion, and finally a yoga class which brings together many of the daily activities.

This is an ideal DVD for pregnant women to watch and work with daily (or as often as possible) during their pregnancy.

Spinning Babies Parent Class DVD

Spinning Babies Parent Class DVD is footage from a childbirth education course run by Gail Tully. As such it is useful for educators to watch to learn how to teach Spinning Babies techniques, and also very useful for pregnant women/couples to watch as a general childbirth education class and to learn these techniques. It includes brief demonstration of key activities, but more demonstration is provided in the Daily Essentials DVD.

Belly Mapping Workbook

The Belly Mapping Workbook guides pregnant women (and health progessional working with them) to identifying the baby’s positions in the final months of pregnancy and in labour. It explains how the baby’s position may affect labour and birth, and how, in consultation with health professionals, pregnant women can work on moving their baby into a preferred position for birth. The Workbook includes lots of illustrations and photographs alongside outlines of belly mapping exercises including personal examples.




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