Quotes and Ordering via Purchase Order

We are happy to supply against official purchase orders from Australian government institutions and most Australian private hospitals. We simply require an official external purchase order to be emailed to office[at]capersbookstore.com.au. As soon as this is received we can send your order. It is the simplest and most efficient option for ordering.

If you are ordering through a government hospital/major private hospital group it is most likely a quote is not necessary for ordering from us – simply pass on the item code and price (as per the website) to supply/purchasing and let them know it’s CAPERS Bookstore (ABN 81008358648). We should be on the ordering system for all health departments and major private hospital groups (e.g Ramsay, Healthscope).

Accessing a quote

If you need a quote to get a purchase order made up, please email us the list of items and the organisation/department to bill to, and the postal address.

Accessing an invoice

If you need an invoice to get a purchase order or to ask your employer to pre-pay you can create one yourself online. Simply go through the online shopping process as usual, then in the final stage tick the payment box for Quote and Submit the order. The website will then email you a Tax Invoice with all the necessary details which you can pass on. Please note this is not a valid Tax Invoice until payment is made, prices are only valid for 2 weeks from the date of issue and Website Specials are not available on orders by purchase order.