Product Categories

Breastfeeding – CAPERS Bookstore has been involved in supporting IBLCE exam candidates through education and resources since 1988.

Children’s Books – CAPERS Bookstore stocks a selection of children’s books that are related to our specialist areas of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding and bodies, consent and safety.

Jewellery, Cards and Gifts – We stock a selection of jewellery, cards and postcards and other gifts.

Midwifery and Other Text Books – We stock textbooks for midwives.

Novels, History and Biographies –¬†We stock a range of novels, history books and biographies that are about pregnancy, birth and midwifery or women’s issues more broadly. These make wonderful gifts for midwives and walk that line of being work-related but interesting and inspiring reads.

Parenting and Childcare – CAPERS stocks a selection of books on gentle parenting.

Pregnancy and Childbirth – CAPERS started in 1987 to provide quality resources to support women making informed decisions about childbirth and this continues to be a focus of our selection.

Teaching Resources – We stock Teaching Aids, DVDs and Teaching Charts related to pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.