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title border 22nd February 2017

The Positive Birth Movement is a network of antenatal discussion groups, founded by Milli Hill in 2012. The intention is to give women access to support and information and amplify positive messages about birth. The Positive Birth Movement defines a positive birth as “a birth in which a woman feels she has freedom of choice, access to accurate information, and that she is in control, powerful and respected”. As such this birth could be at home, in hospital, natural/drug-free or with drugs, and a caesarean if women feel respected and supported. You can see information on The Positive Birth Movement at

One key element of The Positive Birth Movement is spreading positive stories about birth and information that comes from the perspective of positivity not fear. This book encapsulates this.


The Positive Birth Book provides information, support and other women’s stories to help pregnant women to work out the kind of birth they want and learn how to work towards having this birth. It helps women to have the best possible birth in their circumstances, focussing on being informed and well supported whatever path your birth takes.

The Positive Birth Book provides comprehensive information on creating your birth plan, outlining issues to consider and the need for Plans B/C/D. It covers home birth and hospital birth, and there is a large section on Positive Caesarean Birth including personal stories and suggests for birth plans for caesarean births. Because it’s recently written it includes useful information on contemporary issues like optimal cord clamping, seeding the micro biome, and women-centred caesarean.

The PositiveBirth Book is highly recommended for pregnant women/couples. It is a UK book but most of the content translates to the Australian context (the only major difference is some aspects of the maternity care systems).

An Australian book that sits well alongside this book is Birth with Confidence by Rhea Dempsey, which is also highly recommended.

Milli Hill is presenting at the 2017 Homebirth Australia Conference in Sydney in November.

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