Why it Matters book series now available from CAPERS Bookstore

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CAPERS Bookstore stocks a selection of the Why it Matters book series, which are intended as “Essential evidence-based guides to pregnancy, birth and parenting”. Each book is around 200 pages, so they are a quick read. At the same time, the authors are experienced in the specific field and the books are well-researched and include references. They are an ideal introduction to a specific topic, and a useful refresher too.

These books make a wonderful gift, and a quick guide for pregnant women, parents, support people and health professionals. 

Why it Matters titles currently available from CAPERS

Why Human Rights in Childbirth Matter by Rebecca Schiller

Why Hypnobirthing Matters by Katrina Berry

Why the Politics of Breastfeeding Matters by Gabrielle Palmer

Why Induction Matters  by Rachel Reed

Why Caesarean Matters by Clare Goggin

Why Birth Trauma Matters by Emma Svanberg 

Why Oxytocin Matters by Kerstin Uvnas Moberg 

Why Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise Matter by Rehana Jawadwala 

Why Mother’s Medication Matters by Wendy Jones

Why Mothering Matters by Maddie McMahon