Children’s Books

CAPERS Bookstore stocks a selection of children’s books that are related to our specialist areas as well as some special gifts for children.

Some of our favourites for our specialist areas are outlined below but there are lots more online just look under CAPERS for Children in the Categories.

Books for Children about Pregnancy and Birth

Hello Baby is a beloved children’s book depicting a homebirth, with stunning illustrations by Julie Vivas.

Mama Midwife is the story of young Miso the mouse, whose mother is a midwife.

How You Were Born is a clear, gentle and loving description of the process of birth, with charming illustrations.

There’s a House Inside my Mummy is a delightful book, with gentle humour, simple rhyme and friendly bright pictures is about a little boy’s wait for their new baby.

Books for Children about/featuring Breastfeeding

You, Me and the Breast is a sweet simple book showing breastfeeding to be a natural part of mothering and a way of sharing love.

Mama’s Milk combines tender illustrations of animals breastfeeding and a soothing bedtime rhyme. The paperback version also happens to be bilingual (Spanish).

Books for Children about Grief and Loss

Beginnings and Ending with Lifetimes in Between is a children’s classic, with beautiful illustrations of nature and the passing of time. It’s a wonderful book to introduce young children to death.

I Miss You is one of a series of books by Pat Thomas supporting children and their parents through difficult situations (we also sell I Can be Safe). It talks about death generally and encourages children to talk about their feelings, while providing parents information on how to facilitate this.

Children’s Books – About their Bodies 

Everyone’s Got a Bottom is a fantastic tool for parents and carers that is about teaching children to keep safe in a style that is fun, positive and protective. It approaches safety broadly and explains to children it is their job to look after their body and their right to decide who touches their body and how. Important, and highly recommended.

Robie Harris has a series of books on health for children and pre-teens, and we sell a few of them. Let’s Talk About Sex provides frank, current and reassuring information on all aspects of growing up, puberty, sex and sexual health.

Books for Children about Family, Friends and School

Who’s in My Family? is accessible, humorous, and full of charming illustrations depicting families of many configurations.