Books for New Parents

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One of our specialist areas is books for new parents, particularly books from an attachment/gentle parenting perspective and books that support breastfeeding. While these books are for new parents, we do recommend purchasing them during pregnancy and reading a bit in advance as you will have far less time and focus once the baby is born.

Parenting Books

Our most popular parenting book for new parents has always been The Baby Book by the Sears family – originally William (a paediatrician) and Martha (a nurse), and now also their children (paediatricians). It covers every topic parents could want, combining medical advice with common sense and all from an attachment parenting perspective. We also sell some of their others books, notably The Discipline Book (aka The Good Behaviour Book) and The Vaccine Book.

Another recommended book for new parents is Baby on Board by Howard Chilton, an Australian neonatologist. This focusses on the first few months, and his more recent book Your Cherished Baby covers the first 2 years (and includes information on introducing food and provides practical advice on encouraging sleep without resorting to ‘training’ like controlled crying). Dr Chilton points out the basis of his whole approach is that you cannot give a baby too much love.

Breastfeeding Books

We are committed to promoting breastfeeding and supporting women to breastfeed successfully as long as they chose to. These resources are useful for women needing additional support. We recommend seeking the assistance of a lactation consultant (IBCLC) if you are experiencing breastfeeding difficulties.

Breastfeeding Made Simple is an evidence-based guide written by two very experienced lactation consultants, that provides information on common concerns and also special situations (e.g. mothers with a breast reduction, and infants with special needs).

Dr. Jack Newman’s Guide to Breastfeeding covers the most common problems and questions that mothers encounter. Jack Newman is a Canadian Doctor who specialises in breastfeeding and his co-author Teresa Pitman is a long-time La Leche League leader.

Making More Milk: The Breastfeeding Mother’s Guide, is a comprehensive guide to low supply issues and effective ways to increase supply and to maintain supply away from the baby.

Books about Sleep

Our most popular book about sleep is The No-Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley, and its sequel The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers. Both outline realistic expectations for sleep and provide clear guidance on creating a routine that encourages sleep. Elizabeth Pantley has also written books on separation anxiety, discipline, and naps, all from a gentle parenting perspective.

In Helping Your Baby to Sleep: Why Gentle Techniques Work Best, the authors detail their concerns about ‘controlled crying’ approaches. They explain important research into babies’ emotional and brain development, and offer gentle sleep techniques that take into account a baby’s natural sleep habits.

Sleeping with Your Baby provides evidence-based information on the value of co-sleeping and explains important safety considerations.

Books About Mothering, Fathering and Postnatal Wellbeing

The Dad Factor explains why a father’s involvement with his child, right from birth, is vitally important to the development of a child’s brain and emotional stability.

Beyond the Baby Blues: The Complete Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Handbook includes important information and support for those experiencing perinatal anxiety and depression and for those concerned they (/their partner) may need additional support.

Buddhism for Mothers: A Calm Approach to Caring for Yourself and your Children is a popular guide that helps mothers apply Buddhist teachings to their daily life in order to become a calmer and happier mother.

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