Books on Caesarean and VBAC

title border 22nd January 2017

Women who have had a previous caesarean (whether planned or unplanned) have additional needs in planning for their next birth. We stock a number of resources to assist with this process.

Vaginal Birth after Caesarean: The VBAC Handbook is a useful starting point. It outlines issues to consider in planning a VBAC and clearly explains reasons a repeat caesarean may be necessary.

If women are traumatised by their first birth, How to Heal a Bad Birth is an ideal book to assist in processing that birth (whether you plan another or not). It has specific discussions of caesareans and planning a VBAC, but is about birth trauma generally. This is Australian and is highly recommended.

As well as the above books, we recommend this MidwifeThinking blog (by Rachel Reed, who has presented CAPERS workshops and spoken at our conferences) – VBAC: Making a Mountain out of a Molehill. 

If you are birthing in hospital, we also recommend requesting a copy of their policy and reading this alongside the state health department VBAC guidelines (if you are birthing in a public hospital). Understanding the hospital’s policy and the guidelines behind it may impact on your choice of hospital, and will help you formulate a list of questions to ask your care providers and make your birth plan.



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