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The Midwife-Mother Relationship

Author: Mavis Kirkham

Item Code: MI3733

Category: Texts - Midwifery


This new edition of the popular The Midwife-Mother Relationship covers completely new topics areas, including the effects of emotional labour, poverty and health policy, bringing together classic and current research to establish key tenets for maternity care within hospital and home. It remains the definitive guide to the complex area of midwife-mother relations.


  • The Maternity Services Context - Mavis Kirkham
  • The Less We Do the More We Give - Nicky Leap
  • Emotion Work and Relationships in Midwifery - Ruth Deery & Billie Hunter
  • The Midwife: a Professional Servant? - Mary Cronk
  • Poor Relations: the Paucity of the Professional Paradigm - Ruth Wilkins
  • `There`s so much potential...and for whatever reason it`s not being realised` Women`s Relationships with Midwives as a Negotiation of Ideology and Practice - Nadine Edwards
  • Feeling Safe Enough to Let Go: the Relationship between a Woman and her Midwife during the Second Stage of Labour - Tricia Anderson 
  • The Midwife/Mother Relationship where there is Poverty and Disadvantage - Anna Gaudion & Claire Homeyard
  • Pakistani Muslim Women and Midwives Relationships: What are the Essential Attributes? - Kuldip Bharj & Margaret Chesney
  • Midwifery Relationships with Childbearing Women at Increased Risk - Marie Berg
  • Midwives` Personal Experiences and their Relationships with Women: Midwives without Children and Midwives who have Experienced Pregnancy Loss - Chris Bewley
  • Midwifery Partnership: a Professionalising Strategy for Midwives - Sally Pairman
  • The Midwife as Container - Meg Taylor
  • We Need to Relate - Mavis Kirkham 

UK 2010. 2nd edition.

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